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The Charles Buckhead

The Challenge

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International asked for OSM’s help in increasing brand awareness, website traffic, email sign-ups, and pre-sales to new luxury condominium development, The Charles Buckhead, located in Atlanta Georgia.

Our Solution

Create a strategic social media marketing and advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram by creating custom branded content and hyper-targeted social advertising.

The Results

The below results are after the first month of social media mangement:

  • Follower growth increased by 103% – taking followers 151 to 307 followers in one month.

  • Impressions and reach both increased by over 300% – Page impressions increased from 139 to 42.7K and total reach increased to 93K.

  • Link clicks increased by over 6K% – Clicks from Facebook to the website increased from 7 to 488.

  • In one month, social media became the 3rd largest driver of traffic to The Charles website.

  • Facebook became the top social channel sending 414 new visitors to the website in the first month.

  • Instagram sent 341 visitors to The Charles website in our first month as a result of Instagram placements as part of the Facebook ad campaigns.

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