The Benefits of Social Media Training for Government Agencies

Government Social Media Workshop - A group of people at a table with laptops, notebooks and mobile devices.

Social media training can empower your agency’s social media and communications professionals to leverage social media to meet communication and agency goals while mitigating social media communication crises. In this blog, we’ll cover the benefits of social media training, how to foster a culture of education within agencies and the strategic role of external agencies […]

How to Make a Business Case for Hiring A Social Media Agency

As a Higher Education, Government, Marketing or Public Relations Communicator one of the hardest messages you’ll ever have to communicate is your department’s need to hire a digital or social media agency to your organization’s leadership. This can be especially hard if your leadership is not very social media savvy and doesn’t quite understand the […]

How to Identify Social Media Report User Personas in Government

Creating social media reports for government leadership can be a daunting task. One of the most important factors in designing a social media report is your audience or end-user. When designing your report consider who will receive your report and how they will use it. Below are 4 Social Media Report End User Personas that […]

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