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Free Monthly Q&A for New Social Media Managers and SMM Teams of One

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What is Social Break?

If you’re a new Social Media Manager or a Social Media Team of One you’re quickly finding out (if you haven’t already) that having both know-how and a community of like-minded folks are key to your success — both personally and professionally. 

Social Break is a free monthly Q & A for New Social Media Managers and Social Media Teams of One that takes place on the second Friday of each month hosted by Social Media Expert CEO, and Founder of October Social Media, Sabrina Merritt. This lunch-n-learn style chat is specially designed for SMMs to support your professional growth and to answer your most pressing questions around work-life balance, client management, social media strategy, campaign execution, and advancing your career. 

Social Break is sponsored by October U, OSM’s membership and training community for New Social Media Managers and Social Media Manager teams of one.

Attendees will get to ask questions or listen to other SMMs as they get their questions answered on topics like:

How can I improve my social media reporting?

How can I help social media and my ideas be taken more seriously at work?

What metrics should I be tracking to help prove ROI at work?

How can I get my company to pay for social media training or conferences?

Social Break takes place during your lunch hour so you can listen in while you eat – and you don’t have to worry about missing a meeting, email, or deadline! Hope to see you there and tell a friend.

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