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Best Practices for Running Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most widely used social media platforms for social media advertising today. They both have a vast user base and innovative advertising features and tools. This combination makes it super convenient for business owners and Social Media Managers to generate laser-targeted ads with less effort and resources.

Let’s break down some of Facebook and Instagram ad best practices to help accelerate your brand’s online growth.

Facebook Ads

  • Use the Facebook Pixel – The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that keeps track of the actions people take while on your website. After you’ve embedded the code on your website, you’ll be able to identify which ads are performing well, which one are prime candidates for scaling, and which audiences you can retarget. In plain English: the pixel allows you to understand what happens after your social media ad sends people to your website. Do they go straight to the About Us landing page, are they looking for a particular pair of services? 
  • Optimize for More Visual Content – Your target audience is more drawn to visual content, so it’s critical that your ads are visually appealing. Avoid cluttering your image/graphic ads with excessive text, and instead allow the visuals to speak for themselves. Consider using other visual ad formats like carousels or videos to boost engagement and reach. 
  • Be Patient With Your Ads – A common mistake business owners and Social Media Managers make is expecting to see immediate results. They give up too soon on ads that are “underperforming” after being published only a few days prior. Keep in mind that Facebook ads must first go through a testing phase. Being patient and allowing the algorithm to work is one of the best practices for Facebook ads. By doing so, you get more insightful performance data and pave the way for better decision-making.

Instagram Ads

  • Take Advantage of Your Account Insights – To get a better idea of which posts you should boost or promote as ads, take a look at your Instagram insights. You can use the behavior of your organic followers to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your content. Identify which posts generated the most engagement and plan your ad strategy around those content themes. 
  • Know the Appropriate Specs for Your Videos – Instagram has doubled down on video as platforms like Tik-Tok continue to increase in users. As a result, video ad types continue to vary with ad options  for Stories, Reels, and IGTV. Since each ad type has its own specs, you’ll need to keep that in this mind so you can optimize your video ads for the best performance possible. 
  • Create Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager Facebook Ads Manager has great targeting features that  allow you to easily create full-scale ad campaigns. From its highly specific audience targeting tools to its ad placement and scheduling features, you can put your Instagram advertising campaigns in a better position to drive optimal results.

If you want to master social media ads and learn more essential online marketing practices for these platforms, sign up for our  Facebook and Instagram Ads Training Course.

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